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Graphic, creative and efficient  Greendots is an experienced graphic design agency in Ghent, which has had a combination of creative expertise and experience at its disposal for the past 20 years. The graphic idea is formed based on a communication project between our design agency and you as the customer and subsequently guarantees a professional design and an extraordinary and personal service. Our creative and enthusiastic team are fully committed to always meeting any set deadlines.

Not just the internet  Your website as your business card, as a viewing window for your business, is naturally an obvious choice. Greendots is your ideal partner in web design, as we don’t work with ready-made templates, but instead we create a professional and perfectly working customised website, with easy and accessible CMS. We will take care of your active social media push messages, online advertising via Google Ads, Facebook, etc. And your online communication is certainly guaranteed to be a success in combination with a dynamic website.

Offline continues to score  Newspapers, magazines, job posters, leaflets ... these are just some of the examples of proven offline media and this will continue to be a high scoring medium, providing the right message and a refreshing graphic approach are used. Greendots has organised an integrated approach via various different communication channels. We see it as being of the utmost importance for us to very specifically base all of our choices on your company’s exact requirements.

As old as book printing  Print media has still remained one of the most important communication tools, even in our digitised world. Irrespective of whether it concerns a flyer, a brochure, catalogues, posters, window stickers or car lettering. Greendots can assure you of a personal and efficient print media, with a powerful and innovative graphic team and 20 years of experience in printing. We can guarantee a perfect guidance of your campaign from concept right through to production.

In control of our own production  We have built up a great deal of experience with advertising productions. Radio commercials with impact, television commercials which are around for a longer period of time, your advertising message in 30 seconds or less, Greendots can prove how this should be done. And this is only possible because we have complete control of the entire production process. Radio commercials are only recorded with A-voices (national top voices) and in our own professional studio, plus the television commercials are produced with the best materials and top professionals.

Your words, our deeds  A communication strategy is all about integrating your corporate vision and mission in an effective marketing plan. You set your objectives and Greendots will realise them. We will look for those things which make your business so extraordinary and unique and which tools we can use to tempt and connect customers, all at just the right time. The right strategy and media choice will guarantee a successful media plan and the meeting of the set objectives.

About us  Ann Verdonck and Pol Dauwe launched their own graphic agency 20 years ago. Ann Verdonck, who studied graphic and advertising design at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Ghent and Pol Dauwe, a mechanical engineering graduate with many years of communication experience at BMW Belgium, started this great success story together with an open mind and fresh ideas. 20 years on and they are still the main driving forces behind Greendots and they continue to commit themselves to their customers every single day with powerful and innovative success formulas and strategies.

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